Monday, September 16, 2013

Big E - Photo Dump!

Hello Fellow Food Adventurers,

So I had such a great time at the Big E with Alan and my newest friend Kristina. She is an awesome baker and periodically will be sharing some of her amazing cake designs!
So if you remember from my last post about The Big E I was really excited about 3 things. This year I was happy to cross off at least two things off of that list. Check out all the photos from The Big E, enjoy!
I had to take a picture in front of this giant Big E billboard, I swear it was necessary. 

 No 'merican event is complete without trying on cowboy hats with a beer/ale in your hand.

 Ahhh the Pork Palace, there was pork in all forms at the Big E. There was even chocolate covered bacon!
 My new friend Kristina couldn't help herself and got a GIANT turkey leg and yes she did finish it all by herself.
 The Craft Corner was AWESOME. So many talented people selling handcrafted goods.
 This guy was actually making brooms from scratch, it was crazy.
 Need little pots for your doll house? At this tent they were making them by hand.
 For all you classic car lovers out there.
 After 1.5 hours of walking around the Big E we finally found where they house the cream puffs!!!!!
 These things were the size of my face!
 The proper way to eat a cream puff is by doing the twist and slide, which evenly distributes the delicious cream between the puff pastry. 
 This ride looked way to scary for anyone to ride. 
 They had crazy rides here, even a water ride, Big E is insane.
 hehe bananas.
 There was this alpaca stand that sold the softest everything. Here's Kristina all decked out in alpaca gear.
 The pig race was one of the cutest things at the fair.
This is Swifty, he's a famous swimming pig.

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