Friday, July 26, 2013

I'm Engaged!

Hello Fellow Food Adventurers!

Well I'm officially engaged to the love of my life. After four years its finally happened and I'm ridiculously happy! 

Here's how it all happened:
Alan and I were planning a weekend camping trip to the Saco River in New Hampshire. During the weeks of planning and preparation Alan was custom ordering my beautiful engagement ring and wedding band through a designer off of Etsy. A month later when the rings were finally finished he began sneakily working with his sister-in-law, Becky, to have the rings overnighted to her in Connecticut from New York City.
Once they were safely in Becky's hands, the Tuesday before our big trip, Alan decided to move forward with his plans. During this time I was totally clueless, only excited by the great camping adventure that was ahead of us. 
The morning of our trip we checked the weather and it looked like a few severe thunderstorms were in our near future. We were a little worried about the weather but we decided to venture on and just be well prepared with tarps and ponchos. That night when we set up camp, a storm went through with a lot of thunder and lightening and once it passed we thought that the weather might be as predicted. 
The next day during our Saco canoe trip we enjoyed rope swings, canoeing side-by-side, and watching our friends enjoy such a beautiful day. The best part is those weathermen were wrong and not one drop of rain fell from the sky. 
While we were beached for lunch Alan was off talking to his brother Aaron and I was over with our friends joking around. When all of a sudden behind me I hear Alan call my name and when I turned around there he was, down on his knee with a jewelry box in his hand. As he opened the box I became speechless and my mind became blank. When he asked if I would marry him I started to tremble and all I could say was yes. We hugged and kissed and got a round of applause by not only our friends and family but by everyone else that was on that beach enjoying the beautiful day. 

Eat Well and Adventure On,

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