Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Companies That Care: Free Coupons!

Hi Everyone,

So these past couple of weeks I reached out to companies that I loved and told them about the products I enjoyed and thanked them for creating such a great products. So here's a little bit about each company that has responded so far.

  • GlaxoSmithKline - They make Breathe Right, Os-Cal, Alli, Tums, Aquafresh, Biotene, Sensodyne,  Polident, Citrucel, and Abreva.
    • I emailed Sensodyne about their toothpaste and told them that their product helped me a lot after I whitened my teeth and I thanked them for such a great product.
    • They responded with an individualized email that they were glad I was a satisfied customer, would share my compliments with the Sensodyne team, and that they would send me coupons!
    • I received the coupon a few days later and a letter thanking me again! They sent me coupon booklets that had coupons for all of the products they make!
  • Oregon Chai by Kerry Ingredients & Flavours
    • I emailed them about how they helped me kick my coffee obsession when I made the switch to drinking tea.
    • They responded with an individualized email thanking me for my compliments and that they would send me $1 off coupons!
    • About a week or so later I had a short note and a ton of Oregon Chai coupons! WOOT!
  • Heinz
    • I emailed Heinz telling them that I loved their Easy Fries, which I really do! I told them that is the best thing to help me make snack time with fries even easier. Best product ever to come to fries.
    • They responded thanking me for my compliments and that I could find coupons for Easy Fries in the Sunday paper and in stores. 
    • I was a little disappointed that they didn't want to send me coupons but I was like its ok, at least they know their product is awesome. Anyway about a week later I received a note from Heinz thanking me for contacting them about their products and they sent me coupons for two free Easy Fries! Wooah, didn't expect that, totally awesome!