Friday, March 8, 2013

My Fav Foodie Apps

Hello Food Adventurers,

I'm always on the go which means my food has to come with me. Below you will see a few of my favorite foodie apps (Android).

Coffee Apps:
  • Starbucks - Register your Starbucks card online and you can pay for your drinks with your phone. You can even reload and manage your cards right on your smartphone. Also all of your rewards are loaded on the app so you will never leave your rewards at home again. You can easily find stores near you in the app too. 
  • Dunkin' - Register your Dunkin' card online and you can pay with your smartphone. They also have limited time offers that get straight to your phone so you can always grab a deal on the run. Quickly find a Dunkin' near you in the app. What's even better is you can send gifts in the app. Have a friends birthday that you forgot? You can deliver a Dunkin' card via Text, email, or Facebook. This app offers a lot of other information. You can see a menu, nutrition information, or give comments about your visit. 
  • GrubHub - I love GrubHub, they are always giving away free "grub" via social media and no matter where you are, you can always find a place to eat. You can enter in your address or use your GPS to locate places near you. You can refine it by what you're craving too! You can score free grub every time you place an order. 
  • OpenTable - Make reservations to thousands and thousands of amazing restaurants. You can see what other customers thought of where you're making a reservation. Find a table using your location or you can select a location that include popular metro areas. This app is great for last minute reservations. 
  • Food Planner - This app is great for planning out your meals for the week or for the month. You can even put in the inventory from your fridge and pantry in this app so that you don't buy duplicates of something.
  • Recipe Search - I've totally fallen in love with app. Find every recipe you can think of in this app and even create your shopping list using this app.

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