Monday, December 3, 2012

Free Lettuce Wraps at PF Changs

Hi Everyone,

So the one food I cannot get enough of are PF Changs' lettuce wraps. Every time my boyfriend, Alan and I go to PF Changs, we have to get them. I like them so much that i make lettuce wraps at home (find my recipe here). You know what they are doing that makes this girl super happy? They are giving everyone that signs up for their Warrior Rewards online, free lettuce wraps! That's right, FREE lettuce wraps.
Now they hand out cards if you sign up in the restaurant, but there is an option where if you don't have a card you can still sign up and if you "p
rovide your phone number [during sign up] you can give that to your server next time you dine with us to receive credit for your visit.”
It takes 24 hours for you to receive your free lettuce wrap coupon so don't wait till right before you plan on going to the restaurant. Also the you don't need to print out any coupons. Your offers automatically get loaded onto your Warrior Rewards account so all you have to do is present your Warrior Rewards card, or provide your phone number that is associated with your account profile. At the end of your meal your offer will be applied to your bill. 
You can also get free lettuce wraps when you download their Android or iPhone App! 
Enjoy your free lettuce wraps! 

Eat Well & Adventure On,

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