Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Surviving Black Friday

Hello everyone, every year after I've filled up on turkey and all the amazing sides and desserts I venture off to the outlets and malls and partake in Black Friday shopping. A lot of people consider this the superbowl of shopping. People come from all over the world to participate in this American tradition. But how do I survive? Here are my tips and tricks on how to get through Black Friday.

  1. Do your homework - Figure out where you want to go, is it a mall, outlet or stand alone store? Know what stores you want to go to and the sales that are going on in those stores.  A lot of stores put time limits on their Black Friday sales, most of the best sales are from midnight - 2AM so make sure you are aware of those details. 
  2. Map it out - Print out maps off of malls and outlets and highlight the locations of all the stores you want to go to. This will also help you to pick the best parking location for you, but unfortunately most of the time you will just have to park where you can find parking. 
  3. Be comfortable - If you are coming from a holiday party or dinner, bring comfortable clothes to change into before you venture out into the wild and crazy world of Black Friday shopping. I've seen people shop in their party dresses and four inch heels and that can't be comfortable. I'm usually in comfy jeans, a warm hoodie/ sweater, and good walking shoes.
  4. Shop with a friend - If you have to fall in line, which almost everyone does, it helps to have a friend along with you to chat with. Also if you wanted more than the limited quantity of an item your friend could grab some for you too. I've gone shopping by myself in the past because I thought I would be more efficient but it just ends up being really boring and Black Friday shopping should be fun. 
  5. Stay up - Trust me, I know you'll have the urge to sleep before you go shopping but some of the best deals are only from midnight - 2AM so try to stay up after your turkey coma. A good way to avoid this is to not stuff your face too much during dinner and to pack yourself a pick-me-up Thanksgiving meal/sandwich to munch on while you are shopping. This is will also help you to avoid food court lines. 
  6. Coffee - If you plan on staying up late, make sure to stay caffeinated it will help you avoid your adrenaline crash.
  7. Check bad attitudes at the door - If you go out, remember that you aren't the only one, lines will be very long and you will most likely have to wait not only at the cash register but also to get in the door. 
  8. Be Respectful - Be nice and respectful to employees and your fellow shoppers. The employees are working hard to make your shopping experience great and your fellow shoppers are there for the same thing you are. 
Good luck out there, be safe, and always remember,

Eat Well & Adventure On,

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