Monday, October 15, 2012

RIT Wine Tour

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Hi Everyone!

Yesterday, October 14th, I got to take an awesome trip to some vineyards in and near the Niagara wine region here in Upstate New York. The wineries we went to are:

Blackbird Cider Works (cider maker with a wide variety of flavors)
Victorianbourg Wine Estate (newer, smaller with a variety of grapes planted)
Niagara Landing Wine Cellars (wide variety of native, hybrid, vinifera and fortified wines)
Leonard Oakes Estate Winery (wide variety of wines including fruit wine).
Every place we went to had something amazing to offer. Blackbird Cider Works was a beautiful apple orchard who's ciders were full of flavor and had a variety of types from dry to sweet there was something for everyone. My favorite cider from here was their Organic Farm Style Cider, it is one of their dryer ciders and delicious.

Victorianbourg Wine Estate, was one of the smaller wineries we went to but they were well equipped to make all of the their delicious wines. They do their fermentation process in smaller batches to help them control the wine making process. They use oak sparingly and is shows in all of their wines that are mostly made in steel barrels. My favorite wine from Victorianbourg Wine Estate is their Gspritzten Blush, a rose table wine that is naturally carbonated and is crisp, lightly sweet, with a nice bubbly finish.

Niagara Landing Wine Cellars, they have a lot of delicious sweet wines like their Misty Niagara which was sweet and refreshing and would pair great with pizza or your favorite side of wings.

Last but not least, Leonard Oakes Estate Winery, by far the best out of the bunch in my opinion. Not only did we get to try about half of the wines on their tasting list, we also got to try their amazing Steampunk Cider. Their Steampunk Cider is a mix of traditional bitter sweet apples and new age dessert apples that provide a yummy twist on your taste buds. My favorite wine from this winery was their Escape Noir, a sweet and spicy wine with very delicate tannins. This wine has a very full body and dances on your pallet.
That's my wine tour recap along with my favorites from all of the places we went to.

Eat Well & Adventure On,

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