Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dreaming About Disney

Ahh Disney, how I miss you. For New Years this year Alan and I went off to Disney with his family. We went to all the main parks and stayed at beautiful Port Orleans resort. 
Because we stayed on prem the perks were out of this world. On New Years Eve, one of Disney's busiest days, we were able to enter the park an hour before regular guests, they call it Magic Hours. This is when resort or Disney Vacation Club guests are allowed to enter the park early or stay in the park later then everyone else. And let me tell you this is the way to experience Disney. During Magic Hours were able to get on every ride within 15 minutes or no wait at all. On New Years we walked on to every ride, it was great. 
By 11 am Magic Kingdom was full to capacity and they stopped letting people into the park. And let me tell you it was PACKED. Almost every ride had a wait of over an hour. It was definitely the craziest day I've every spent at Disney. After we got on all of the rides on our list we headed back to the the hotel to rest up for our evening at Epcot where we had dinner reservations at Tutto Italia. 
Oh my, Disney sure knows their Italian food, it was absolutely delicious. I ordered seafood risotto while Alan ordered braised beef ribs and for dessert I ordered their sampler and Alan had their tiramissu. I say it is some of the best food I have ever eaten. As we finished up our dessert we started to see flashing colored lights outside and hear a crazy heavy bass beats. We looked at each other totally confused because we didn't see anything while we were entering the restaurant. We closed out our check, wished our waiter a Happy New Year, got awesome Disney hats, and headed outside where we were met by a DJ playing house music and a crazy cool light show. The DJ was amazing and I couldn't help myself, I let loose, started dancing, and jumping around. It was electrifying. It felt like the night had only begun and I was with the only person I needed to be with, Alan. 
I cannot wait for my next Disney adventure.

Eat Well & Adventure On,

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