Tuesday, April 24, 2012

No More Train Rides For Me

So as the title suggest there will be no more train rides for me at least ones that last longer then 4 hours. I just had myself  the worst Amtrak experience of my life. Between the long delays, cranky crew members and the inability to tell me when I was going to reach my final destination I was not a happy camper. 
But even after all of that I had an amazing weekend with Alan. I finally got to see the Vespa of my dreams in person. I go to sit in a Vespa LX 50 4V, I'm not sure if I'll be upgrading to the next one because I would need to get a motorcycle license and thats a whole other adventure.
The rest of the weekend was pretty relaxed from trips to West Farms mall and dinner at Chili's for some dinner and delicious margaritas. Overall I had a good trip to CT.
Alan saved me from returning back to Rochester on the train and bought me a plane ticket to get back home. Though I had a short delay to begin my trip, everything went smoothly afterwards. From getting a 5 seat row all to myself to a beautiful sunset, there was nothing more I could ask for, I mean we even arrived at Rochester 15 minutes early. Crazy bananas, lol. 

Eat Well & Adventure On,


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